Orange Botswana Donates Palm Trees and Supplies to Francistown City Council
mercredi, juin 19, 2024

As part of their "Engage for Change" initiative, Orange Botswana has made a significant contribution to the Francistown City Council, aimed at enhancing the city's green spaces and promoting environmental sustainability. The donation includes 40 palm trees, 80 bags of manure, and 10 shovels.

This initiative aligns with Orange Botswana's commitment to environmental stewardship and community development. The palm trees will be planted in various locations across Francistown, contributing to urban beautification and providing  greenery to public areas. The manure will aid in the healthy growth of these trees, while the shovels will be used for planting and future maintenance activities.

Orange Botswana's donation not only supports the city's efforts to improve its environment but also encourages other organizations and individuals to participate in similar community-driven projects. By investing in the local environment, Orange Botswana demonstrates its dedication to making a lasting, positive impact on the communities it serves.