Our CEO Ms Nene Maiga, celebrating World Environment Day
Tuesday, June 18, 2024

In a heartfelt gesture, the CEO of Orange Botswana, Ms. Nene Maiga, took part in a tree planting ceremony in Francistown, marking a special moment in the company's environmental sustainability efforts.

As part of the event, Ms. Maiga planted a tree and named it after her mother "Lala",  symbolizing growth, nurturing, and the deep-rooted values instilled by her mother.

This event underscores Orange Botswana's commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement. By planting trees, the company aims to enhance green spaces, combat climate change, and promote ecological awareness in Francistown.

Ms. Maiga's personal involvement and the dedication of the tree to her mother highlight the personal and communal significance of the initiative. It serves as a reminder of the importance of honoring our roots while fostering a greener future for the next generations.

Orange Botswana continues to lead by example, inspiring other organizations and individuals to contribute to environmental sustainability and community well-being.