ODC Liberia gets recognization from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) for Youth Development Efforts in Liberia!
jeudi, juin 13, 2024

#OrangeDigitalCenterLiberia (ODC) was today recognized by USAID's #YouthAdvanceActivity for our outstanding #partnership and #dedication to #promoting #skills #development and #youth #employment in #Liberia.

Our collaboration with USAID's Youth Advance Activity began in 2022, and together, we've made significant strides in empowering Liberian youth.

Driven by a deep commitment to #CorporateSocialResponsibility (CSR), ODC was launched on October 5th, 2022, with a clear mission: #equip #young #Liberians with the #essential #digital and #entrepreneurial #skills they need to thrive in the job market and combat #unemployment.

This recognition from #USAID is a tremendous honor, and it serves as a powerful validation of our ongoing efforts. We're incredibly grateful for this partnership and look forward to continuing to #empower Liberian youth together.

Receiving the certificate, Mr. Zaza Mulbah, the Senior Manager of the ODC, emphasized the importance of acknowledging and celebrating these enduring partnerships between private sector actors like ODC and the USAID Youth Advance Activity. These collaborations are instrumental in creating a brighter future for Liberian youth.

The success stories of the young people who have benefited from these programs are a true testament to the power of collaboration. We are incredibly proud of the impact we're making together, and we look forward to continuing to empower the next generation of Liberian leaders!