DemoDay2, Orange Fab closes the second season of its acceleration program
lundi, janvier 29, 2024

For this second edition ✌️, start-ups had the opportunity to present their know-how 🤯 to guests.

Koree, Magalie GAUZE-SANGA's start-up.

Founded in 2022, Koree is a mobile application for digitizing merchant cash payments coupled with a rewards-on-purchase system.

Bertrand FOFFE's start-up Jangolo.

Jangolo is a digital ecosystem that connects players in agribusiness value chains, facilitating access to information and markets for local producers.

Ronny KITIO's Colorfol App start-up.

Colorfol is an innovative online music sales platform that meets the specific needs of the African market, particularly French-speaking Africa.

Networking with potential partners and investors, discussions on the acceleration program and its benefits, "demo" of start-up solutions and end-user testing...

These were just some of the highlights of Demo Day, a day of tech and entrepreneurship.