Orange Jordan Highlights Role of Novel Technologies in Sustainable Agriculture & Combating Desert Locusts
Tuesday, April 23, 2024

 Orange Jordan announced the launch of the 5G agriculture boot camp to highlight the novel technologies supporting sustainable agriculture, including 5G, IoT, and AI. Experts will shed light on the global best practices to address the agricultural sector's challenges.

The two-month boot camp serves as a transformative journey where participants including engineers, subject matter experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators gather to discuss the ways that technology redefines sustainable agriculture. The participants will also spot light on the novel technologies and their effective role in combating one of the biggest challenges facing agricultural regions around the world which is represented in the desert locusts.

Jordan is no exception, as it faces such a challenge in the Jordan Valley and Wadi Araba regions. Desert locusts are present in these regions due to its arid nature, and they lead to the destruction of crops and thus affect agricultural production and food security in Jordan and the region.

During an intensive training dose that spans over 3 days a week, a group of experts will provide training workshops on several crucial topics such as innovation, digital manufacturing technologies, user experience, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and 5G.

Orange Jordan referred to the significance of this boot camp due to its substantial role in finding effective technology-supported solutions in one of the most vital sectors. This is aligned with the Company’s profound belief in the power of technology, and innovation, in alignment with the global trends.

This pioneering training program focuses on building the participants’ capabilities to combat the desert locust invasion through technology, by coming up with innovative ideas that will be showcased during the closing ceremony. This ceremony will serve as a culmination of Orange Jordan’s efforts to contribute to the reshaping of the future of sustainable agriculture.

It is worth mentioning that Orange Jordan is keen to promote digital culture and develop the skills of young women and men, in various fields, to maximize their contribution to their communities.