Orange Coding School

The Orange Coding School is a flagship digital initiative by Orange, which aims to provide university students with the necessary skills for the labor market through practical training programs, courses, workshops, and direct contact with specialists in the field of technology, fostering a better future. In cooperation with a number of local and international institutions and companies, the school has emerged. More than 500  students have graduated from the school, and over 1,000 students from universities and schools have participated in the activities organized by the school.

What does Orange Coding School offer?

Students will have the chance to acquire and develop technical skills in a variety of development fields, such as web development (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, etc.), mobile development (Dart, Flutter, Firebase), game development and design (Unity 3D engine, Adobe Illustrator), cloud computing through AWS re/Start program with Amazon, and digital marketing course with Meta. Through practical learning experiences, students will gain valuable knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Students will attend multiple soft skills sessions aimed at improving their soft skills and equipping themselves with the necessary skills and enhancing their employability.