Climate and Environment

We adhere to Orange Group's strategy to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040

    Our Commitments & Objectives

Based on Orange Group strategy "Lead the Future" a roadmap was drawn up by Orange Jordan for its environmental and climate strategy as a global company operating with a local spirit, which aims to achieve several goals that will reflect positive impact on sustainable environmental development and enhance economic growth, as Orange Jordan follows five main pillars as a basis for all its all environment and climate projects and initiatives.

    Orange Jordan is the first to adopt clean, renewable energy in the Kingdom through three major projects for solar farms to produce energy in the Kingdom. The company adopted the energy efficiency approach to enhance the energy it uses, to implement its project for solar power farms, which includes three stations, two of which are in Mafraq and one in Amman, and it is one of the largest private solar energy projects in the Middle East region.

The success of this project was embodied in its coverage of 58% of the company's energy needs in 2022 and its contribution to reducing carbon emissions by more than 120,000 tons through using the energy generated from the solar farms since 2018 up to date.

With these efforts that aims to preserve the environment, Orange Jordan was able to achieve record numbers that exceeded those expected and planned, as the carbon emissions savings achieved from Orange solar farms projects reached up to 30,000 tons in 2021.

    Orange Jordan has enhanced energy efficiency, as it launched a set of projects to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions and contribute to ensuring higher operational efficiency in data centers and various technical sites, through projects aimed at monitoring key performance indicators that minimize carbon emissions and energy consumption.

These projects include the selection of environmentally friendly materials and features such as, free cooling technology that uses 65% fresh air annually to cool data centers, reliance on highly efficient technical equipment in the field of environment and improving the effects and operations of its data centers.

    In order to implement this strategy, the company started from within, as it modernized the fleet of Orange Jordan vehicles to increase the number of hybrid cars,  with efforts to increasingly rely   on vehicles that reduce fuel consumption and the consequent environmental damage, it also encouraged its employees to contribute to this responsible culture that benefits society and the planet by providing electric vehicle charging stations in the company parking lots, thereby motivating  its employees who wish to use electric vehicles and renewable energy in their everyday lives.

    Orange Jordan adopts circular economy to increase the lifespan of products, at Orange, we promote all aspects of the circular economy and we put it in our core businesses (networks, data centers…). For example, we are increasing our use of refurbished equipment. In addition, there are several initiatives that have an impact on reducing carbon footprint, and these include reducing the use of paper by adopting developed materials that can be more suitable for environment protection, reducing the size of the plastic used in the plastic chip by replacing it with a digital chip, and the use of biodegradable bags.

Orange Jordan has also met the requirements of obtaining the ISO certification standards for environment 14001:2015, accordingly many agreements were initiated and signed with the Ministry of Environment and other agencies that do respect environmental issues to ensure safe disposal of electronic and electrical materials waste, fleet cars waste (oil, lubricates and tires), power generators waste and buildings waste. 

Orange has launched its awareness campaign through its internal communication channels to urge our employees to participate in protecting environment and support in establishing waste aggregation areas and materials separation and recycling. Orange Jordan is also adopting a comprehensive circular economy model in its operations to limit resources and energy consumption as much as possible. These efforts align with the company's commitment and its strategic purpose, which emphasize "sustainable growth" in Jordan while preserving the environment, which is one of Orange Group’s main ambitions in its strategic plan “Lead the Future” and the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy (Social and environmental commitment as a strategic priority).

These initiatives are reflected in a variety of actions to keep products and materials in use as long as possible, such as the broadband refurbishment project, also to eliminate waste and pollution and regenerate natural resources, such as reducing paper consumption more and more by increasing the use of e-refill solutions over physical scratch cards; reducing plastic waste and its effects on the environment by adopting half (SIM cards, ID, e-sim, paper, and biodegradable bags); and recycling by initiating the waste collection recycling agreement with a local partner that has good experience in this field and collecting the waste (paper, plastic, and metal) from Orange sites to partner sites to be disassembled into components that can be reused in other products.

In the interest of Orange Jordan to protect the environment, spread the green areas within the national afforestation project, and to create a private recreational space in the atmosphere of nature, “Orange Forest” was established on an area of 29 dunams in Jerash Governorate.

The forest includes 2,100 trees that were planted by Orange Jordan, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, as part of the national afforestation project, which seeks to increase the green areas in the Kingdom by planting forest trees.

As Orange is keen to reduce its Carbon Footprint to achieve environmental commitments, we participated in a voluntary planting initiative with the Crown Prince Foundation to plant 200 trees.

Recently, Orange expanded the forest project by planting 200 trees at Orange Training Center. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 global objectives aimed at addressing various social, economic, and environmental challenges to achieve a more sustainable future for all.

Climate change is affecting every country on every continent, disrupting national economies, and affecting lives. We all have a responsibility to take urgent action to help combat the climate crisis and its repercussions. For Orange, the United Nation’s Sustainable development goals (SDG) 7,9,11,12 and 13 affirm our environmental commitment, which ensure energy and transport efficiency programs, switching to renewable energy, and integrating the circular economy into our operations from eco-design to mobile recycling and waste recovery, promoting responsible use and ensuring transparent environmental reporting.