Women Digital Centres

The Women Digital Centre program is dedicated to ensuring that women are not left behind in the digital and technological space and are awarded equal opportunities to use or own digital technologies. It promotes access and use of digital technologies by women and girls from rural and hard to reach places. 

The initiative is designed to deliver literacy, micro-entrepreneurial skills and training modules to women in disadvantaged situations. It further aims to teach women basic business management and promote digital inclusion by providing them with technical equipment such as computers, laptops, projectors, tablets, printers and USBs. 

Our major objective continues to be fostering innovation and technology for socio-economic advancement. This initiative will implement practical measures to empower women, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds, in a lasting and significant way. It specifically highlights the necessity to drastically quicken the speed of growth in order to fully and equally include women in leadership roles at all levels of innovation delivery. 

To date the Orange Botswana Foundation has launched 8 women digital across the country.