Orange Sierra Leone Annual Tree Planting

Every year we set aside a week dedicated towards reinforcing our commitment on environmental responsibility as a company. Our 2023 EHS week had several planned activities, including a morning coffee Session with staff and top management to highlight the need for environmental protection We also planted 3 000 trees at the mud slide site at Mogema Hill Station We also conducted a tour of the solar facility installed at our sites along with the Environment Protection agency and held an EHS day at work

Our EHS week was launched with the theme taking sustainable step to reduce our carbon footprint This theme is in line with the Orange group target of achieving zero carbon emission by 2040.

Going Green to Reduce our carbon footprint
AS part of the EHS week, we also conducted a tour of the solar facilities installed at our network sites. The tour was conducted alongside the governmental agency responsible for environmental protection to showcase our efforts that as a responsible corporate entity we are taking steps to go green, to reduce our carbon footprint. OSL received commendation from the agency for taking the lead to demonstrate our environmental responsibility.

EHS Day at work with focus on environmental awareness
Our EHS day at work highlighted our achievement on solarisation of our sites and EHS programs implemented across the company. Highlighted was also given to employees on topics such as circular economy, importance of environmental compliance and use of renewable energy resources

The keynote speakers who addressed employees included the Minister of Environment, The CEO of OSL and the Chairwoman of the OSL EHS committee.

Plant a Tree save mother earth

The tree planting was symbolic activity for OSL to contribute towards environmental preservation of the site to prevent further natural disaster. The activity also demonstrated our efforts to raise Awareness on Orange efforts to reduce its carbon footprint

Orange Sierra Leone CEO and Staff Planting trees
Orange Sierra Leone CEO and Staff Planting trees