Orange Sierra Leone Enviromental

Inspired by Group's "Lead the Future" strategy, Orange Sierra Leone has developed a comprehensive environmental and climate roadmap built on six pillars. This plan aims to achieve a positive impact on sustainable development, economic growth, and societal well-being in Sierra Leone.

Six Pillars of the Strategy:

Renewable Energy:

Focus: Explore and invest in renewable energy solutions suitable for Sierra Leone.

·        Install solar power systems at cell towers and office buildings.

·        Partner with local renewable energy providers to purchase clean energy.

·        Investigate battery storage solutions for increased reliance on renewables.

Energy Efficiency:

Focus: Reduce energy consumption across Orange Sierra Leone's operations.

·        Implement energy-efficient technologies in data centers and network infrastructure.

·        Utilize smart monitoring systems to identify and address energy waste.

·        Promote employee awareness through training and incentives for energy conservation practices.

Facilities and Cars:

Focus: Optimize resource use in facilities and promote sustainable transportation.

·        Implement green building practices in new and existing company facilities (water conservation, natural lighting).

·        Prioritize fuel-efficient vehicles in the company fleet, including hybrids or electric options.

·        Partner with electric vehicle charging station providers to encourage employee adoption.

·        Develop a company carpooling program to reduce single-occupancy vehicles.

Circular Economy:

Focus: Extend the lifespan of products and minimize waste generation through circular economy principles.

·        Refurbish and reuse network equipment whenever possible.

·        Offer e-refill solutions for prepaid services instead of physical scratch cards.

·        Reduce plastic usage in SIM cards and packaging materials by exploring biodegradable alternatives.

·        Partner with local waste management companies for proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste.

·        Establish waste segregation and recycling programs within company facilities.

Positive Social Value & Societal Culture:

Focus: Integrate social responsibility and contribute positively to Sierra Leonean society.

·        Partner with educational institutions to provide training on digital literacy and environmental awareness.

·        Support local entrepreneurs and businesses through digital access and skills development programs.

·        Promote diversity and inclusion within the company workforce.

·        Engage in community development projects aligned with environmental sustainability goals (e.g., tree planting initiatives).

Emissions from the Value Chain:

Focus: Address environmental impact beyond direct operations, considering the entire supply chain.

·        Collaborate with vendors and partners to adopt sustainable practices within their operations.

·        Conduct life cycle assessments of network equipment and services to identify and mitigate environmental impact.

·        Advocate for and support policies that promote green technology adoption in Sierra Leone's telecommunications sector.

Overall Impact:

By implementing these comprehensive strategies, Orange Sierra Leone aims to:


Orange Sierra Leone Environmental Commitment by 2025
Orange Sierra Leone Environmental Commitment by 2025