With the aim of helping teachers integrate new digital literacy skills into their subjects and facilitating the provision of educational content on the web, the Orange Foundation is launching the Wiki challenge competition in 2019, aimed at pupils aged 9 to 13 attending our Digital Schools in Africa.

Cameroon has been no exception, taking part in this prestigious competition since 2019.

From 13 schools entering the competition to 28 today, a lot of ground has been covered and winners recorded including:

2 grand prizes in 2019

The international grand prize won by Ecole Catholique Sainte Rosa Verenini, for its article "Culture de la viande du chien chez les Yevol" 5000 euros

The National Grand Prize won by Ecole publique Joss 2 for its article "Fête du Ngondo chez les Sawa" 2000 euros

02 national prizes in 2021

The catholic school Rosa verenini for its article "le trou des fantômes" 2000 euros

The public school of Obala for its article "Baton de manioc" 1000 euros

02 grand prizes in 2022

Obala public school for its article "Termite harvesting in Cameroon" 5000 euros

Rosa Verenini Catholic School for its article "Edible caterpillars" 2000 euros