Women digital centers


- A Partnership with UN Women

In 2020, Orange Liberia and UN Women submitted a joint project proposal to the Orange Foundation in support of the establishment of two Women Digital Centers (WDCs) in collaboration with the National Peace Huts in Bong and Grand Bassa Counties. The proposal was accepted and funded, ushering in the opportunity to transform two of over thirty community peace huts into WDCs.

Digital empowerment for women within community peace huts has proven essential for fostering peace and development at the grassroots level. By providing targeted women peacebuilders with access to digital tools and resources, the two community peace huts have become hubs for education, skill development, and information sharing.

Digital literacy is indeed empowering women to actively participate in peacebuilding initiatives, allowing them to contribute ideas, voice concerns, and engage in dialogue within their communities. Each cohort is 6 months, and we graduate around 200 women per year.