Buy from women

The partnership between Orange Foundation and UN Women Liberia began in 2019 and later expanded in scoop of activities when Orange Foundation France and UN Women France enhanced the partnership.

The ultimate goal is to improve the lives of female farmers in Liberia not only b providing them with the tools and services that can enhance their work, but also to educate them to elevate them personally.

Buy from Women is an open-sourced, cloud-based enterprise and e-commerce platform, developed by UN Women, available in both web and app and delivered in multi languages. It is customizable for any business processes in the local ecosystem, where women entrepreneurs and business holders can have easier access to additional markets, information and finance. The platform can accommodate any commodities, an essential digital arm to various economic empowerment programs. It also generates rich data to enhance decision making and profitability.

Buy from women farmers in Liberia using this link: