Digital homes

Women in precarious situations are trained at the Maisons Digitales, a programme set up to promote the digital inclusion of women supported by associations whose main objective is to help women develop.

The Maisons Digitales aim to empower women through digital training. This is made possible by the digital kits offered, as this connected equipment enables training to be provided in a modern way: laptops, tablets, overhead projectors, printers, USB keys and Raspberry servers containing free educational content are used for this purpose.

With its partner Kanieba Interactives, the DRC has developed applications in French and the national languages to promote this learning by providing appropriate content:

- Alpha app is a literacy application designed specifically for the Maisons Digitales, which focus on learning to read and write.

- Entreprendre is the financial inclusion application that helps people learn about finance, budget management and IGAs, and explains the importance of different financial services, including Orange Money.

9 Digital Houses have been inaugurated in the DRC in the following cities: Kinshasa (3), Goma(1) , Bukavu(1), Kalehe(1) , Beni(1), Uvira(1) ,Mbuji Mayi (1).