Orange Villages and Maternal and Child Health

An Orange Village is basically a drinking water point, a health centre and a school.

Access to water and a health centre are all means of bringing healthcare to regions that lack it, such as Ituri and North Kivu, which have been conflict zones for several years.

With these basic infrastructures, the communities concerned, which previously struggled to gain access, can look forward to sustainable development and empowerment.

A Village can meet basic needs and enable children - particularly girls who have to fetch water - to go to school.

Maternal and child health is also specifically addressed within the Village Health Centres, with the construction of maternity units and the introduction of nutrition programmes run in cooperation with our partners.

Four Orange Villages have been operational in the DRC since 2016: Kabweke (North Kivu), Njiapanda Bella (Ituri) and Mudusa in South Kivu, and Kipanda in central Kongo since 2024.

Every year, improvements are made to the existing structures: operating theatres, units to care for premature babies, setting up of solidarity mutual societies (MUSO), etc.

In 2023, the health centres in the Orange villages of Njiapanda Bella in Ituri, Mudusa in South Kivu and Kabweke in North Kivu will have made a major contribution to the well-being of the local population, treating more than 5,000 people.