Orange Coding Academy

In response to the escalating demand for skilled programmers within both local and regional markets, Orange Jordan has steadfastly committed itself to nurturing a new generation proficient in these crucial skills. The Coding Academy by Orange, inaugurated in June 2019, in collaboration with, embarked on its mission to provide comprehensive, tuition-free 6-month training courses in coding languages, complemented by a month-long internship within tech and tech-enabled companies. Each year, students are selected to join the Academy through a competitive admissions process. Building on its initial success, our coding academy graduates now boast an impressive 85% employment rate across all cohorts.

This affirms the efficiency of the academy’s teaching methodology, curricula, and academic staff. Moreover, the academy has expanded across the kingdom's governorates. It has established academies in Irbid, Zarqa, Balqa, and Aqaba, further extending its impact and accessibility.

What does the Academy Offer?